The Wrestler – Directed by Darren Aronofsky

“A bare-knuckle donnybrook, escalating above and beyond “Beyond The Mat” by disarmingly intersecting the poetic through the language of suffering.” -d





JCVD – Directed by Mabrouk El Mechri

“Van Damme transforms what could’ve been just another silly celebrity send up into a tactfully comedic, yet truly compelling confessional by letting his guard down and acting his ass off.” -d




OCTOBER (2008)

Happy-Go-Lucky – Directed by Mike Leigh

“A fortuitous release date pushes this timelessly original character study into the realm of timely socio-political provocation, where it fairs just as well.” -d





Sukiyaki Western Django – Directed by Takashi Miike

“Making Asian cinema’s most renowned pilferer Quentin Tarantino watchable is feat unto itself, but in the same stroke, Takashi Miike turns a cameo into a meta-metaphoric necessity in reclaiming the Western’s Eastern roots.” -d





AUGUST (2008)

Tell No One (Ne le dis à personne) – Directed by Guillaume Canet

“Don’t hold out for the inevitable English language remake that is certain to telegraph the shit out of every sublime and nuanced twist while stripping every character of their proper nature, only to sacrifice an essential and realistic charm at the altar of short attention spans.” -d




JULY (2008)

The Unknown Woman (La sconosciuta) – Directed by Giuseppe Tornatore

“Tornatore and Morricone orchestrate an incendiary psychological thriller that burns just slow enough to make you think you have it contained; all the while engulfed.” -d




JUNE (2008)

Roman De Gare – Directed by Claude LeLouche

“An original, intentionally disorienting, but completely lucid mind-fuck that satisfies the tropes of storytelling convention by exposing them as traps.” -d




MAY (2008)

The Fall – Directed by Tarsem

“Eyes may roll at pretentious moniker “Tarsem” but once the first frame is projected they’ll be right where he wants them, basking in the visual audacity your cinematic diet has no doubt been lacking.” -d




APRIL (2008)

Shine A Light – Directed by Martin Scorsese.

“If you hate rock n’ roll music and the names Scorsese, Elswit, Lubezki and Richardson don’t mean anything to you, then you probably need to see this in IMAX more than the rest of us.” -d




MARCH (2008)

Summer Palace (Yihe yuan) – Directed by Lou Ye

“A testament to its subtly and nuance that I’m still debating exactly what in Le You’s sprawling Summer Palace provoked his 5 year government-imposed exile from film making but what ever the reason, it was worth it.” -d




FEB (2008)

3 Months, 4 Weeks And 2 Days – Directed by Christian Mingiu

“Writer, director Christian Mingiu deftly renders the macabre subjacent to stark realism, engendering a palpable, sometimes crippling anxiety in this exquisitely bleak vérité Horror film.” -d




JAN (2008)

Taxi To The Dark Side – Directed by Alex Gibney

“Sleep deprivation, sexual assault, waterboarding, attack dogs and inevitable tragic death; i.e the Bush Administration’s formidable dirty laundry list unredacted.”