Movie Of The Month (Year Ending 2013)



The Wolf Of Wall Street – Directed by Martin Scorsese

“With the least to prove of any film director (living or deceased), the Master returns proving yet again his unassailable aptitude for bending celluloid to his will, willing an epic exaltation of a depraved id and delusional super-ego into an autobiography of the very soul of greed.” –d

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12 Years A Slave – Directed By Steve McQueen

“Rummaging the revisionist wreckage salvaged in the wake of a 100 plus year Hollywood-sanctioned white-washing of Slavery, McQueen MacGuyvers a deadly accurate compass and resets True North for generations of film-goers.” –d



Gravity – Directed by Alfonso Cuarón

“Retracing the orbit of our origins through refracted visual metaphor, Gravity attains an astonishing grandeur through sparsity while retaining the astronomic surface allure of pitting one’s survival instinct against its most merciless setting.” –d



A Touch of Sin (Tian zhu ding) – Directed by Zhangke Jia

“Without forsaking his discipline, Zhangke Jia trumps dissonance with aggression and forgoes his typically tempered technique in favor of blunt-force trauma, assaulting the status quo of a nation with a barbarous anthology of the after effects of unregulated avarice.” -d



Blue Jasmine – Directed by Woody Allen

“An already pitch perfect playbill is propelled to operatic dimensions by the casting coup de grâce Cate Blanchett whose merciless characterization constitutes a high-wire canonization of a life spent in denial.” -d



Only God Forgives – Directed By Nicolas Winding Refn

“More in common with a Renaissance sculptor than a contemporary Thai action director, Refn shapes an unsparingly aberrant backdrop apt to showcase the tormented beauty of cinema’s first anti-action hero.” -d



The Rambler – Directed By Calvin Reeder

“A resolutely rabid and unshakably garish Baroque Western, viciously illustrating the destructive impulse of the masculine psyche towards domestication.” -d



The Place Beyond The Pines – Directed By Derek Cianfrance

“Cianfrance gallantly struggles with a sweep that his contemporaries are all too content to steer clear of, calling on transference to carve a swath of sobering dramatic irony through a life’s cycle and capture the restlessness of existing in the void.” -d



Stoker – Directed By Chan-wook Park

“Surgically implanted and hermetically sealed so as not to seep into the left cerebral hemisphere, this sublimely sordid coming of age (ie: onset of psychosis) soap opera burrows the subconscious like a visual acuity test administered by Alfred Hitchcock.” -d



Spring Breakers  – Directed By Harmony Korine

“This meditative mix-tape mutates into a murderous mash-up, submerging adolescent America’s immortality entitlement complex in the shallow transcendental dead end of a mindset marginalized by mass media.” -d



Like Someone In Love – Directed By Abbas Kiarostami

“Kiarostami reverses the current of concealment that he so commandingly captained in Certified Copy; channeling the ambiguous through the exacting, luring the solemn with the sumptuous and mining more in what’s withheld from his characters than from his audience.” -d



Tabu – Directed by Miguel Gomes

“Ever so subtly expanding on the vocabulary of a silent classic, Gomes subtextually establishes the remove required not only to evoke but to explore the extensive romantic terrain of the linguistically untranslatable Portuguese concept of ‘saudade'”. -d